What Marrakesh X 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner does for your hair:

  1. Detangles
  2. Prevents Split Ends
  3. Seals in Hair Color
  4. Speeds Drying Time
  5. Gives Brilliant Shine
  6. Controls Frizz
  7. Strengthens Hair
  8. Shields Hair from Sun & Wind Damage
  9. Moisturizes All Hair Types
  10. Protects Hair During Thermal Styling

Scents makes sense.  Marrakesh X is available in 4 different fragrances:

Original – Sweet, exotic and earthly

Isle of You - Floral

Light — For fine hair

Banish bad hair days with Marrakesh X Leave-In Conditioner! Not just your standard Leave-In Conditioner, Marrakesh X Argan Oil Leave-In can be used in 10 different ways to resolve ALL of your hair issues with just a few quick sprays. There’s nothing worse than having to use a different product for each of your mane’s needs. So lighten your product load (not your pockets) with this awesome 10-in-1 best seller.

Your hair will thank you.

Directions: Spray Marrakesh X Leave-In Conditioner into wet or dry hair and style as usual.  Marrakesh X Leave-In Conditioner may be combined with any other Marrakesh Hair Care products for extra conditioning, protection, and frizz control.

100% Vegan
No Animal Testing

Available size: 4 oz, 10 oz

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Marrakesh X 10-in-1 Leave In Conditioner

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