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Controlled Effects - The fine art of permanent waving

Dr. Lee Hunter has revolutionized permanent waving with science that enables hair to be reconstructed as it is permed! Until now, permanent waves had definite challenges of compromising the hair's condition, soft curl, early relaxation and the inability to combine permanent color and/or bleach with the perm process. The two main reasons for this were:

  1. chemical reactions that break the covalent protein bonds that give the primary strength to the cuticle and cortex of the hair
  2. incomplete rebonding of the disulfide bonds during neutralization

As controlled effects perms the hair, it also protects and reconstructs the covalent protein bonds in the cortex and cuticle; and it reconstructs the disulfide bonds. The result is a stronger wave and ultimate hair condition

Available in: Normal/Resistant or Tinted/Bleached formulas

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ProDesign Controlled Effects Perms

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